About Us

At Minimal Hub, we believe in the concept of 'minimal impact and maximal value'. All our products are carefully sourced to align with this principle.

In today's flat world goods are being mass produced at an astonishing rate. In many cases, it's quantity over quality. There is no shortage of products on the shelves and all us consumers are told to do is to buy, buy, buy.

It very easy to fill our shopping baskets with things we don't really need. It's become a habit of ours to simply upgrade our mobile phones and ditch the current model that's not even old or broken. Clothes, shoes, computers are just a few other examples. We have become insatiable shoppers. 

But do we really need these products? What are the real costs? What are we doing to our health and the environment? When will this cycle ever end? 

We'd like to change all these habits. At Minimal Hub, we believe in the concept of minimalist living. We believe in well-designed products that make everyday living easier, we are conscious of our impact on the environment, we are responsible for the waste we create, and we love to reuse, reduce and recycle whenever we can.